The Real Reason Why Moms Can’t Just “Sleep When the Baby Sleeps”

“Sleep whenthe baby sleeps”, this is the advice given to mothers by everyone. However, how many mothers truly take this advice into account? I have seen mothers who have gone to great extent to make sure they sleep when the baby sleeps.Some have even put up relaxing star projectors for themselves to help them relax. But they still do not sleep,Why?

Reasons why mothers can’t sleep when the baby sleeps.

  • Postnatal depression.

Some mothers suffer from depression. For a long time,depression has been linked to postnatal insomnia. You try so hard but you just cannot sleep. If you suffer fromthis,you should visit your doctor. Depression should be detected as early as possible because when it gets hold of you is so hard to get out of it. You should do it for your baby too. Babies read emotions and stress. Purchase a calm knight star projector sound machine with cry detection at This will lull you to sleep.

  • ‘You time’.

Despite being busy the whole day,you might find a mother staying up at night. This is the time you will find her painting her nails,or watching a movie,eating ice cream or calling her female friends. Humans,especially females sometimes like having their time alone. A mother is always busy with the kids during the day and when evening comes,she has to focus on her husband. All this is so stressful and she will probably need time alone to take care of herself or reconnect with her being. She will need some quiet time when no one is crying to get her attention, no one is touching her or making her carry him/her. Some say they need this time so that they can remember how it felt not being a mother.

  • Motherhood is sudden.

I know someone else will say, “but you had nine months to prepare” … motherhood is always sudden. Yes,you can do your research,have plenty of lessons before you give birth but when that baby comes it is always different. Every baby comes with hasdifferent demands. When the baby comes, it hits you had not prepared well and life becomes a rush and very tiring. You have been told when the baby sleeps, so should you too. But when she does, that is when you realize apart from being a mother to this baby,you are still a mother to others and you are still a wife. You notice that there is so much to be done, laundry to be taken care of, dishes to be washed. It is when you actually notice that your house is a mess and that you need things to buy etc. You promise yourself that you will only take care of the house chores today and then tomorrow you will sleep. Tomorrow comes and you do the same, and so on.

I know it is important to sleep when the baby sleeps. It is actually unhealthy and dangerous not to. If you are having problems sleeping,

Vacations with Your Family

When it comes to raising children, there are a lot of ups and downs on the emotional roller coaster that is parenthood. There will good times and bad, You will close to your kids, they’ll become distant. This may sound bleak, but rest assured the good is the default state to which the parenting experience typically returns, so there’s no need to fret. However, the bad times can seem so much worse than they are, because there’s not much worse on an emotional level than someone you love abandoning you, even if it’s only temporary, even if they’re just a kid or a teenager that hasn’t emotionally matured and doesn’t mean the hurtful things they say. Therefore, it’s all the more important to document and celebrate the good times. Here are a few ways to make lasting and positive memories with your children.

First and foremost, there’s nothing quite like looking back a Summer vacation with your family, so that’s a great place to start. What kind of vacation is, of course, up to you and your family, but I have a few suggestions. First of all, there’s the time honored, tried and true, all time classic Summer vacation: a trip to the beach. This kind of vacation has a little something for everyone and plays to the strengths of the Summer season. The warm air, the sun in the clear blue sky, the crashing waves, the cawing of seagulls… It’s a hard atmosphere to beat. Not to mention you can soak up some rays to work on your tan, if you like, or you could beat the heat by going for a swim.

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Top Tips For Tired Moms

According to, the thing most moms complain about the most frequently is lack of sleep. Especially as a new mom, lack of sleep is a foregone conclusion. But what can new moms do about being tired all the time?

Take your sleep seriously and create a sleep schedule

You’ll see how importantly it is to take your sleep seriously! Although going to bed can sometimes feel like a horrible responsibility instead of a fun and healthy thing, it’s important to create a sleep schedule for both you and your baby. Creating a schedule can make sure that not only your baby gets used to falling asleep and getting up regularly at the same time (predictability is always under-rated!) but also you can plan around your baby’s nap and sleep schedules so that you can also get regular rest.

Ask for help

One of the most important messages is the notion that you should never be afraid to ask for help. Motherhood, especially as a new mom, can be incredibly overwhelming and scary. Make sure to talk to other people, identify a quality support group that you can rely on to vent to and help you out when needed. Just being able to get out for a little bit and be able to leave your baby with a trusted friend or family member can clear your head and help you deal with being a tired, new mom better. Ask people with babies what they used to help get them to sleep – hints from someone who has experience can be the best, most comforting thing in the world!

Star Light Projectors and White Noise Machines

Another great and underutilized option, purchasable at mommyissleeping are star light projectors and white noise machines. These amazing devices (there are many options available) help by soothing your baby to sleep and, by default, allowing you to also get longer and more quality sleep. Most options have timers and multiple sound and star options, allowing you to select the combination that works best for your baby. The star light projectors are just fun, especially as your baby turns into a toddler. The Uncle Milton Star Theater Pro, for instance, has a high quality lens and projects 10,000 stars! Another plus to the white noise machines is that they can transition through the stages of childhood and beyond. Many adults also sleep with white noises machines and some of the available models on this site are designed so that they can change with your baby as he or she grows. The Homedics HDS-2000 Deep Sleep II Relaxation Sound and White Noise Machine has multiple settings and would look great in any bedroom, child or adult. It has a remote, multiple “sleep therapy” settings and adjustable volume.

When you’re a new mom, being tired is just part of the deal. However, with help from, you can help train both you and your baby’s sleep schedule and get as much good, quality rest for both of you as possible!

The Essential Benefits of Using a White Noise Machine – Help Mom Sleep with a Useful Sleep Machine

For thousands of new parents, they do not consider a white noise machine to help them and their child sleep. Now, these things are quite new and as such, there are many people who are unsure about them and who don’t think they’ll be quite effective. However white noise machines are actually very impressive and quite unusual to say the least. What benefits do you get from using white noise machines and will they allow you to get a better night’s sleep?

Eliminating Outside Noise

You want to help baby sleep during the night so that they aren’t restless in the morning and that you also get a great night’s rest. If you or your child doesn’t get sufficient sleep, the upcoming day can be very unappealing and stressful. With white noise machines, you might just be able to get a better night’s rest as the machine can reduce and eliminate noises that keep you or your child awake. Being able to get rid of simple street noise can allow a child or indeed a parent, to sleep more effectively and wake up refreshed  and ready for the day ahead. This is one amazing benefit of using the noise machines and they are so popular too.        ( Visit this site :  )

Less Distraction Means Less Stress

While the white noise machines are great to help a baby sleep better, they can be excellent for adults as well. One benefit you get from these machines is that outside noises are gone and as such, there are fewer distractions in place which means a number of positive things. For starters, you’re able to concentrate on things around the home or even in the office and have a more productive day. This essentially reduces stress and it may help mom sleep better too. Stress can play its part in preventing a good night’s rest so being able to remove even a part of that would be more than useful. Also, you can feel more at ease and relaxed too which is very important. Check here !

Making Improvements to Sleep Habits

Let’s be honest, if you or your child doesn’t get enough sleep at night, there is more chance, they and you will sleep during the daytime. It’s one bad habit you don’t want to get simply because it can impact your life now and later too. Babies who get in the habit of sleeping throughout the daytime will often stick to that so when you’re ready to sleep, your baby will be fully awake and wanting to play and have some attention. A white noise machine can absolutely help improve your sleeping habits and that of your child’s too. That is so important because it will help to ensure the child gets enough sleep and has a good sleeping habit too. It’s better to have a good and simple routine.

A White Noise Machine Will Be Very Important

Removing distracting noises will not only benefit you but your baby too. Babies and older children can often find it’s difficult to sleep and sometimes, it’s down to simple everyday noises in or outside the home. However with white noise machines you can ensure this is no longer an issue to worry about. Help mom sleep and enjoy your time with your baby. Visit this site for more information :